Abram Barrett

IP Special Projects Manager
OSATT, Technology Licensing Office
Innovative Solutions
Award presented by
Melissa Nobles, Chancellor 

The first innovator we'd like to celebrate today is Abram Barrett, Intellectual Property Special Projects Manager in the Technology Licensing Office, or TLO.

In a given week, the TLO's Patent Administration Group handles about 1,500 communications regarding its 11,000 patents. Abram set out to tackle the problem of distributing these communications to the right people, especially since many are time sensitive. After months of searching, he discovered a promising tool. With zero software background, Abram trained himself to create intricate routing matrices that accurately sort 80% of incoming communications.

In the words of one coworker, “Abram has a strong capacity for anticipating and solving problems before they arise. He is infinitely patient and tries to turn every challenge into a learning experience.”