Team "E" for Excellence

Department of Facilities
Award presented by 
Israel Ruiz, Executive Vice President and Treasurer

Manuel Costa, Custodian

Audilia Fernandes, Custodian

Emily Scoppettuolo, Machine Operator Custodian

The next Serving the Client awards go to three people representing Team “E” for Excellence from MIT Facilities. Their names are Audilia Fernandes, Manny Costa, and Emily Scoppettuolo, and they devote their exceptional efforts to the Plasma Science and Fusion Center. The work this team does as second-shift custodians has an enormous impact on both the Center’s public face and on the comfort, efficiency, and morale of those who work there. And their contributions do not go unnoticed by those who benefit from their efforts.

Here’s what colleagues at the Center shared with us about Audilia:

“Audilia joined the Facilities team in 2001. She is well-liked and respected by all of us—and that includes her peers, who strive to make sure they carry out their work to her high standard. She is so loved that when she appears in the hallways, she is greeted like a rock star.” Audilia’s dedication to MIT has rubbed off—both her son and daughter have followed in their mother’s footsteps to jobs at MIT."

When nominated, here’s what the Center staff had to say about Manny Costa:

“In addition to his demanding custodial duties, Manny is our watchman. Nothing escapes his attention. He is honest, hardworking, adaptable, and a powerful positive force, always making a point to compliment colleagues on work well done. Manny has been a dedicated MIT employee for decades—and the Center staff is grateful for every day of that tenure.”

And finally we come to Emily Scoppettuolo, the third member of the team. One admirer from the Center shared this:

“Around holiday time in December, when most of her coworkers were already away on vacation, Emily made a point of tending to TWO buildings instead of one. She wanted to make sure they were sparkling clean and well-stocked for those few who might be around over the holidays. And it’s not unusual for Emily to go through the building on a spot-checking mission, because she feels her job is a direct reflection of her values.”

Everybody…let’s congratulate the three members of Team “E” for Excellence up to the stage for their Excellence Awards!