Kristen Morreale

Staffing Specialist
Office of the VP for Human Resources
Outstanding Contributor
Award presented by
Ramona Allen, VP for Human Resources

Our next recipient in the Outstanding Contributor category furthers the mission of the Institute by leaving no stone unturned in finding applicants for open positions. Her name is Kristen Morreale and she is a staffing specialist in Human Resources. Kristen is immensely knowledgeable about the hiring process, while never losing her empathy for all parties involved. She makes certain that every applicant feels supported, informed, and validated, whether they are hired for the position or not.

Kristen digs deep and researches every aspect of the jobs she is asked to fill. As a result, she can talk air-handlers, OSHA certifications, and fire protection protocols with the best of them, though such areas fall far outside of her responsibilities. Once, when HR was having difficulty finding people with skills in a particular programming language, Kristen staked out the coding section of a technical bookstore and handed out her business card to prospective recruits.

Kristen focuses on both sides of the hiring process, creating positive outcomes for all involved. Congratulations Kristen, and thank you!