Kimberly A. Haberlin

Chief of Staff
Chancellor's Office
MIT Staff Award for Distinction in Service
Award presented by
Sally Kornbluth, President

The MIT Staff Award for Distinction in Service award honors staff members who personify MIT's core values of excellence and curiosity…openness and respect….and community and belonging. They are colleagues who approach every interaction with kindness, integrity and humility. And their commitment to both the work and the people of MIT creates lasting impact throughout our community.

This year's recipient is Kimberly Haberlin, Chief of Staff in the Office of the Chancellor.

Kim joined MIT eight years ago, after a career in politics that included a stint as press secretary to former Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick. She initially served as chief of staff to Chancellor Cindy Barnhart; when Cindy took on the role of Provost, she welcomed the new chancellor, Melissa Nobles. The Chancellor's Office, by the way, is responsible for all of MIT’s students and its curriculum—so, there’s always a lot going on.

Yet despite her enormous responsibilities, Kim is an oasis of confidence and calm.

A deeply trusted colleague, she goes above and beyond—and left, right and every other direction. She resolves dozens of daily issues and challenges, and she expertly manages the completely out-of-the-blue crises that don’t appear in anyone's job description.

Kim's colleagues praise her down-to-earth kindness and collegiality. They describe her as a wonderful, steady presence, with an infectious “we can do this” attitude. They note how essential her work is to maintaining the intricate web of connections and collaborations that support and advance the mission of MIT. And they report that Kim does most of her work behind the scenes, not seeking the spotlight.

But here's the thing: a gigantic number of people were inspired to nominate her for this award. So, Kim, your anonymity ends today!

I am delighted to present the 2023 MIT Staff Award for Distinction in Service to Kim Haberlin. Congratulations!