The MIT Lincoln Laboratory Out Professional Employee Network (OPEN) Committee

Lincoln Laboratory
Award presented by 
Maria Zuber, Vice President for Research

Christa Frey, Pilot, Group 10FF Flight Facility

Amna Greaves, Technical Staff, Group 47, Chemical and Biological Defense Systems and Technologies

Diana Hanson, Associate Staff, Group 58, Cyber Analytics and Decisions Systems

Alexandra Karlicek, Associate Staff, Group 74, Structural and Thermal Fluids Engineering

Noel Keating, Project Controls Specialist, Facility Services Department 

Ekaterina Kononov, Associate Staff, Advanced Concepts and Technologies

Michael Kotson, Associate Staff, Group 91, Advanced Capabilities and Technologies

Joel Kurucar, Associate Staff, Group 45, Informatics and Decision Support Group

Peter LiBoisonnault, Sr Contracts Specialist, Contracting Services Department

Mark Rabe, Associate Staff, Group 53, Secure Resilient Systems and Technologies

Raul Rios, Assistant Staff, Group 91, Advanced Capabilities and Technologies

Mi-Young Park Schue, Project Business Manager, Program Support Office

Kristi Wakeham, AAP/Diversity Generalist, Diversity and Inclusion, Human Resources

The 2018 Excellence Award for Advancing Inclusion and Global Perspectives goes to a group called OPEN—The MIT Lincoln Laboratory Out Professional Employees Network. OPEN began as a grassroots effort led by employees committed to boosting the Laboratory’s ability to recruit, retain, and support LGBT employees, and it has met and exceeded those goals by creating a more inclusive environment, developing educational programs, workshops, and materials, serving as a pivotal resource for prospective candidates and employees, and creating a web presence to support all those efforts.

As one colleague shared: “OPEN has truly been a game changer. The group has constructed a comprehensive education program. It has implemented a social networking forum. It has partnered with other organizations to support the Laboratory’s community outreach. And it has joined HR efforts to recruit a diverse workforce. OPEN not only has created a welcoming atmosphere for LGBT employees, it has advanced a respectful, inclusive, collaborative work environment for all.”

Congratulations to the MIT Lincoln Laboratory Out Professional Employee Network Committee!