Johnnie Woo

Systems Administrator, Groups 43 and 45
Lincoln Laboratory
Serving Our Community
Award presented by
Eric Evans, Director of Lincoln Laboratory

Our final Serving Our Community honoree is Johnnie Woo. Johnnie is a System Administrator at MIT Lincoln Laboratory where he is equally expert in meteorology and computer system administration.

Among the many fan letters his colleagues submitted in support of this award, there was one persistent theme: Johnnie Woo always puts the success of his colleagues first…and in doing so, has achieved spectacular success. Thanks in large part to Johnnie, Groups 43 and 45 have a track record of exceptionally glitch-free technology development and transfer to federal agencies and partners. And as the System Administrator for 120 or so staff and subcontractors, it has been Johnnie who tirelessly makes sure everyone is fully positioned to work remotely—without a hitch.

As one colleague shared, "Johnnie's people skills, work ethic, positive attitude, persistence, and solution-oriented approach to challenges are infectious. We would like to show him that all his hard work and sustained dedication to people and programs never go unnoticed."

Congratulations, Johnnie!