Rachel Cohen

Senior Administrative Assistant, LIDS
Schwarzman College of Computing
Outstanding Contributor
Award presented by
Glen Shor, Executive Vice President and Treasurer

With this next set of awards, we honor those in the Outstanding Contributor category—members of our community who go above and beyond without fanfare, take initiative to solve problems, and share knowledge that helps others do their best work

Our first honoree in this category is Rachel Cohen, an administrative assistant at the Laboratory for Information and Decision Systems, otherwise known as LIDS. Her colleagues are, quite frankly, in awe of her. They applaud both the remarkable range of her efforts…and the unwavering excellence of them.

Rachel is both a technical whiz and an organizational genius. She not only demonstrates reliability and perseverance but also capabilities that go well beyond her role, such as her proficiency in different database systems and systems for building websites.

One of her colleagues summed up Rachel's contributions this way: "In all my years at MIT, I have not seen an administrative assistant who comes close to Rachel, both in terms of skill and dedication. She is an incredible team player."

Congratulations, Rachel!