Suzanne Blake

MIT Emergency Management
Outstanding Contributor
Award presented by
Ramona Allen, VP for Human Resources

Our next honoree in the Outstanding Contributor category is the director of MIT Emergency Management. Her name is Suzanne Blake and she is one of the great unsung champions of this last year. Suzanne's expertise, collaborative spirit and constant guidance helped the Institute successfully navigate daily challenges throughout the pandemic.

As one of her colleagues said, "More than anyone, Suzanne Blake is responsible for MIT’s success in navigating the pandemic—enabling us to continue to pursue our mission while protecting public health. She has worked—and continues to work—up, down, and sideways across MIT to prepare us for each new challenge. She has a calm, insistent, matter-of-fact, upbeat, and utterly ego-less way of moving the organization forward—always thinking several steps ahead. Emergency management at the Institute as we know it has been forever transformed."

Suzanne, congratulations and thank you.