Sarah Bouchard

Assistant Dean of Community Based Programs at the Priscilla King Gray Center for Public Service
Office of the Vice Chancellor
Bringing Out the Best
Award presented by
Chancellor Cynthia Barnhart

I’m especially excited to present the Bringing Out the Best awards because they celebrate our colleagues who:

  • demonstrate positive, inspiring, day-to-day leadership, and
  • motivate coworkers to grow, embrace change, and be the best that they can be.

Our first honoree is Sarah Bouchard, Assistant Dean of Community-Based Programs at the Priscilla King Gray Public Service Center. Students, colleagues, and partners say that Sarah’s social-justice priorities have shaped the Center’s culture, and deeply inspire all involved in the Center’s programs.

They tell us that her dedication to community partnerships is key to her remarkable success. She advocates for the goals of local stakeholders who are facing a range of challenges, and she does this in a way that respects and amplifies their voices rather than raising her own.

Sarah has developed programs designed to help students understand how they, too, can champion change. She helps students see that social change can take many shapes and forms—but must begin with listening. 

As one colleague wrote—in relation to Sarah’s deep commitment to MIT’s work with the Navajo community—“Sarah Bouchard models how to enter into new collaborations with respect and humility. She teaches us all to proceed with caution, candor, and sensitivity at a pace that allows us to learn before jumping into action.”

Sarah, thank you, and congratulations on your Excellence Award.