J. Bradley Morrison

Senior Lecturer
Sloan School of Management
Sustaining MIT
Award presented by
Cynthia Barnhart, Provost

The final award in the Sustaining MIT category goes to a senior lecturer in the Leaders for Global Operations Program at MIT Sloan. His name is J. Bradley Morrison, and we’re recognizing him today not for his academic contributions, but for his extraordinary dedication to helping the Institute respond to health crises.

J. Bradley volunteered many hours over several days to help vaccinate the campus against Covid-19—then pitched in again to get us immunized against the flu—here and at Lincoln Laboratory. In fact, he was present at every day of the October 2022 flu clinics. With his help, MIT Medical vaccinated more than 10,000 members of the community against the flu.

His nominator shared, “I often think about professors who have had a profound impact on my own education and life. In that regard, J. Bradley Morrison not only educates the students in this community, he also very much cares about their health and well-being.”