Robert Bright

Director of Facilities
MIT Medical


We begin the Excellence Awards in the category of Outstanding Contributor.  Recipients in this category often fly under the radar but their contributions are absolutely crucial. They reach beyond their established roles without fanfare, fill in wherever is needed, and take the initiative to solve problems.

Our first Outstanding Contributor is from MIT Medical.  He is the Director of Facilities, Robert Bright.

We know that MIT Medical staff has many nurses and doctors, but there’s a finely tuned support system that patients don’t see. I’m talking about the people working tirelessly behind the scenes to keep the facility up and running. Bob is one of those people. 

His responsibilities range from managing people, such as housekeeping staff, to managing projects, including multi-million-dollar construction initiatives. And he does it all with sensitivity, skill, and dedication. On time and on budget. And with positivity and wit.

As Kendall Square construction grew, Bob stepped up to make sure patients—particularly those with mobility issues—could arrive safely to access their healthcare. He worked with partners across MIT to coordinate ridesharing programs, special shuttles, and extra signage.

A coworker recalled that when Bob was in charge of building new exam rooms, the process was going with Bob-like clockwork…until the sheet-metal workers’ union went on strike. It looked like the delay would escalate the cost of construction and require the rescheduling of dozens of appointments. But Bob had it under control. In fact, he’d known the strike was a possibility and had a plan in place before the work stopped. He worked around the issue so that when the strike ended, the sheet-metal projects were all that remained. And yes, things launched on time and on budget!

And another colleague wrote of him: “Bob’s the biggest cheerleader you’ll ever meet when it comes to safety. He goes above and beyond to make sure the MIT Medical staff feels prepared and confident, and takes it upon himself to make sure they know what to do in any emergency. He’ll even quiz people in the halls. Because Bob is so knowledgeable and capable, we all feel safe and secure.”

Bob, thank you for prioritizing the safety of our colleagues, and ensuring the patient experience is equal parts safe and welcoming. Congratulations on your Excellence Award!