Adam Henneberry

Business Analyst
Enterprise Applications, Information Services Dept, Lincoln Laboratory
Award presented by 
President L. Rafael Reif

The next Excellence Award for Serving the Client goes to Adam Henneberry of Lincoln Laboratory’s administrative staff. Adam has worked in finance and payroll at Lincoln Lab…and now solves tough problems in the Lab’s Information Services Department. When one of his colleagues casually suggested nominating Adam for an Excellence Award, the accolades poured in. Here is just a sampling:

“Adam is always patient, easygoing and a pleasure to work with despite an extremely heavy workload. He exhibits a can-do attitude no matter the situation – and he gets results.”

Here’s another: “Despite multiple roles and extensive responsibilities as a manager and team lead on several projects, Adam has the remarkable ability to make you feel like you are his very first priority. He is everybody’s go-to expert.”

And here’s my favorite: “As a new employee, I honestly found the responsibility of my position a little scary. I cannot imagine stepping into the role without the unfailing, unflinching, ridiculously knowledgeable, constantly professional, always encouraging and reliably good-natured Adam at my side.”

Adam, if you use very small font…, you might try fitting all that on your business card.
Congratulations on your Excellence Award!