Chris Budny

Associate Staff, Humanitarian Assistance and Disaster Relief Systems
Lincoln Laboratory
Outstanding Contributor
Award presented by
Scott Anderson

The first Outstanding Contributor award goes to Chris Budny, an associate staff software engineer in the Lincoln Laboratory Humanitarian Assistance and Disaster Relief Group, which works to develop new technologies for global disaster relief missions. Chris’s colleagues say he is an invaluable resource in the enhancement of crisis management capabilities deployed around the world.

Writing software one day and running through the woods with a camera prototype the next, Chris defines the word ‘versatile.’ On any given day, he can be found providing real-time technical support during hurricanes, flying over storm-ravaged regions to provide damage assessments, or advancing DARPA research in Macedonia. He can also be credited with keeping the landmark Foucault pendulum swinging in Lincoln Laboratory’s atrium.

“Everyone in our group wants Chris supporting their programs,” one of his colleagues noted. “Whether it’s software development for international incident response, developing a system to remotely detect power outages, or acting as flight crew for a disaster response mission, Chris is inventive, reliable, and cares deeply about his role in the group and his fellow members in it.”

Another colleague wrote, “Chris does not seek praise for his Herculean efforts. Yes, he has earned the respect of everyone around him, but this award provides us with the chance to take a moment to truly, formally thank him and acknowledge just how appreciative we are of his dedication.”