Alicia M. Mackin

Administrative Officer
Literature Section, SHASS
Bringing Out the Best
Award presented by
Chancellor Melissa Nobles

One of the highlights of the Excellence Awards every year is the presentation of the Bringing Out the Best awards. These honorees are often mentors and coaches, and that describes Alicia M. Mackin, Administrative Officer for the Literature Section in the School of Humanities, Arts, and Social Sciences. As one colleague shared, "Alicia’s remarkable efficiency, inventiveness, and poise – particularly in the face of unprecedented challenges—is why all members of our community turn to her. She makes the SHASS community more cohesive through cross-unit conversations that raise morale and improve communications. And she makes the Literature section a better, calmer, happier place for faculty and staff."

Colleagues noted that her understated approach has been a game-changer for everyone who works with her, "…Alicia gives rather than takes, leads rather than reacts—yet few of us notice until we are relying on her, because she does this with such grace and tact."

Congratulations, Alicia!