Leslie Wright

Consulting Business Systems Analyst
Office of the Vice President for Finance
Award presented by 
Israel Ruiz, Executive Vice President and Treasurer

The final Serving the Client award of 2018 goes to Leslie Wright, a Senior Consulting Business Systems Analyst in the Office of the Vice President for Finance. She is beloved by all who work with her, but nearly everyone in this room has benefited from Leslie’s dedication and skill.

MIT pays thousands of employees—domestic and international—weekly and monthly. That adds up to almost 500,000 payroll payments annually— and, as you might imagine, the work that undergirds that effort is significant. Leslie works tirelessly to support the salary distribution reporting needs of the Institute’s DLCs. AND she put her heart, soul, and considerable expertise into implementing MIT’s SANDI payroll reporting system.

For more than 20 years Leslie has been entrusted with testing and analyzing the most complicated and high-profile systems at MIT. One of her colleagues said, “I’ve known many subject matter experts in my career, but if someone were to ask me to name someone who is truly an expert in her field, it would be Leslie. Her ability to analyze very complex issues amazes all of us in payroll. The day is long overdue for her to jump on stage and be acknowledged for her outstanding contributions.”

Well, let’s not delay that moment any longer to congratulate Leslie on her Excellence Award!