Heather Anne Holland

Director, Digital Marketing and Communications
Career Development Office, Sloan School of Management
Outstanding Contributor
Award presented by
John H. Dozier, Institute Community and Equity Officer

Our next awardee, Heather Anne Holland, is Senior Associate Director of Marketing, Communications, and Operations within MIT Sloan’s Career Development Office. Her colleagues admire how she expertly and artfully crafts text, sound, and images into powerful messages that elicit emotion, shape culture, and unite the community. One of Heather's coworkers noted just one of the many reasons she is an Outstanding Contributor: “Heather leads by example in her ability to bring the team and community along in her vision for storytelling — understanding that career outcomes are community outcomes. She does this in a way that is subtle and never about her own gain, but rather about how we can improve the experience for students.”

Heather, thank you for all you do!