Jennifer Hapgood-White

Associate Director, Housing Assignments, Dept of Housing
Division of Student Life
Award presented by 
Chancellor Cynthia Barnhart

Our next honoree in the Outstanding Contributor category is Jennifer Hapgood-White. Jen is Associate Director of Housing Assignments in the Division of Student Life. She manages housing placement for all students who live at MIT—thousands of undergraduate and graduate students. Jen assigns and moves students and successfully troubleshoots a vast number of logistical and interpersonal complexities on a daily basis. And she works to ensure that students always have a safe place to live, even when they are facing daunting obstacles in other areas of their lives.

As one admiring colleague told us, “Jen is an amazing coworker—the calm in the eye of the storm. She handles every crisis we bring to her with a calm manner and professional follow-through. At all hours of the day and night, Jen works tirelessly within impossibly short timeframes to house students. And she keeps open lines of communications so that administrators, heads of house, students, and their parents are always fully informed.”

Congratulations, Jen, on your Excellence Award!