Matthew Alt

Technical Staff
Group 59, Cyber System Assessments, Lincoln Laboratory
Award presented by 
Chancellor Cynthia Barnhart

Our first Outstanding Contributor is Matthew Alt, a previous member of the Technical staff at MIT Lincoln Laboratory. His colleagues say that Matt has had an immense impact on every project he has worked on over the last few years. His ingenuity and determination to solve problems—those facing his own team and others—have resulted in myriad successes in many realms. Here’s just a sampling of what his colleagues had to say about Matt’s contributions: “In addition to his outstanding technical work, Matt routinely helps out with demonstrations and tours, impressing sponsors and distinguished guests with his team’s technical feats. He recently prepared a demo for Family Day on short notice—an ingenious rendition of Nintendo’s Mario Kart racing game. EXCEPT, Matt adapted it to work with his own car’s steering wheel and pedals.” Another colleague wrote: “Matt created some of the most comprehensive materials I’ve ever seen in preparation for someone else’s intern. He produced a bound booklet with helpful references, exercises, and tutorials, some of which he created himself. He did it just because he was already familiar with the topic and wanted to be helpful.” Matt is not able to be here today, so Jeffrey McLamb will be accepting the award in his place. Jeffrey?