Cathleen Dwyer

RN Care Manager
MIT Medical
Award presented by 
President L. Rafael Reif

The first Serving the Client recipient is the RN Care Manager at MIT Medical, Cathleen Dwyer. As the nurse care coordinator, Cathy works with patients when they are most vulnerable: during critical health crises. Some do this work by telephone or email with limited direct interaction with a patient. For Cathy, face time is essential.
She regularly meets with patients and their families at MIT Medical or in their homes.
She even accompanies them on visits to specialists at other healthcare facilities.

Cathy knows that a collaborative, coordinated approach to healthcare is key to minimizing a patient’s stress, confusion and expense. And she brings that same personalized level of care to her work with all of her patients, no matter the circumstance.One colleague shared the following: “Patients and their families entrust Cathy with the most intimate aspects of their lives,… and she creates a zone of safety for them. “Cathy maintains their dignity and their privacy. And she advocates strongly on their behalf, going above and beyond to achieve the very best outcome.”

For going above and beyond, day in and day out, and for her commitment to caring for MIT’s family like her own…I am delighted to present Cathy Dwyer with the Excellence Award for Serving the Client.