Greg Raposa

Campus and Space Administrator
Office of the Provost
Outstanding Contributor
Award presented by
Provost Marty Schmidt

At MIT, space is the final frontier. I’m not talking about intergalactic space but square footage—and our next recipient Greg Raposa, Campus and Space Administrator in the Office of the Provost, is the ultimate pioneer at finding it.

If you think back to your Harry Potter, you might remember the magical "room of requirement" that materialized on demand…but not everyone had the skill to summon it. Enter Greg Raposa—a wizard at producing space when there is no space to be had. He is equally expert at finding solutions to any challenge related to renovation, construction, and demolition. During the pandemic, that meant working to define COVID-19 sectors, helping to set up the Institute’s COVID testing and quarantine facilities, as well as securing housing for first responders—again, on a campus without an inch of extra room.

Greg, we don’t know how you do it all, but we are very grateful that you do. Congratulations on your Excellence Award.