Sarah Chmielewski

Technical Staff
Group 59, Cyber System Assessments, Lincoln Laboratory
Award presented by 
Eric Evans, Director, Lincoln Laboratory

The first individual we are honoring this year for Bringing Out the Best goes to Sarah Chmielewski. Sarah’s a member of the technical staff at Lincoln Laboratory in the Cybersecurity and Information Sciences Division, where she leads two large software development teams.

In addition to her noteworthy professional accomplishments, Sarah is a dedicated mentor to other women in the Laboratory and actively works toward the promotion of women in STEM. In fact, in 2015, she was invited to the White House Roundtable on Diversity in Cybersecurity and has held leadership positions in the Women’s Network Employee Resource Group.

Here is just one example of the accolades that Sarah’s colleagues shared:
“Sarah has been a mentor to me since I started as an intern. She provides significant support in navigating my day-to-day work as well as encouragement and opportunities for career development. Recently, she presented me with the chance to give an external talk. I was unfamiliar with the content and nervous about presenting to such a large group. Sarah encouraged me and helped me dry-run the talk, giving me all the support I needed to succeed. By mentoring me and other women, she helps us grow professionally while increasing the visibility of Lincoln Lab at conferences around the world.”

Sarah, congratulations on your Excellence Award!