Emily Gallagher

Administrative Assistant II
Department of Economics
Outstanding Contributor
Award presented by
Scott Anderson

The next award for Outstanding Contributor goes to Emily Gallagher. Emily is a faculty assistant in the Economics Department. Emily’s time at MIT is notable for — her steadfast contributions and for her longevity. Emily worked for Jean Tirole long before he won the Nobel Prize in 2014. In fact, he thanks Emily for her contributions in his most renowned graduate textbook.  And 35 years later, she is still an indispensable part of his team.

Emily’s colleagues say that she puts her whole heart and considerable skill into making the MIT Economics Department a place of excellence. Because of her exceptional writing skills, remarkable powers of organization, and the body of knowledge she has built up over the years, she is an invaluable resource for faculty, students, and other staff.

She is well known for stepping in to help her colleagues with work when they are unable to fulfill their responsibilities. And she always provides a ready ear to students’ problems and concerns. In fact, several have noted how Emily’s support was crucial to them at one point or another in their MIT lives.

“Emily Gallagher is an individual of extraordinary dedication and efficiency,” one of her colleagues wrote. “Her loyalty to MIT is grounded in her belief that it is THE premier higher education and research institution.”  And Emily’s contributions are of a caliber in keeping with that belief.