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How do I find out the salary range for a particular position?

For most positions, the number which follows the job number in the description section of the posting represents the position's grade, e.g., 17345-5 or 17124-10.

Administrative Staff and SRS Administrative Staff are paid semimonthly on a salary basis and Support Staff are paid weekly based on an hourly rate.

Pay ranges effective April 1, 2024. Annual rates are based on a 40 hour work week.
Pay Grade Minimum Midpoint Maximum Minimum (Hourly) Midpoint (Hourly) Maximum (Hourly)
1 $42,950 $46,143 $49,335 $20.65 $22.18 $23.72
2 $43,380 $49,610 $55,840 $20.86 $23.85 $26.85
3 $43,805 $53,705 $63,600 $21.06 $25.82 $30.58
4 $44,245 $59,040 $73,835 $21.27 $28.38 $35.50
5 $48,045 $65,710 $83,375 $23.10 $31.59 $40.08
6 $56,600 $74,520 $92,440 $27.21 $35.83 $44.44
7 $63,860 $85,388 $106,915 $30.70 $41.05 $51.40
8 $73,490 $98,283 $123,075 $35.33 $47.25 $59.17
9 $84,545 $113,035 $141,525 $40.65 $54.34 $68.04
10 $97,150 $129,895 $162,640      
11 $116,650 $155,990 $195,330      
12 $139,955 $187,125 $234,295      
13 $168,040 $224,635 $281,230      
14 $201,565 $269,505 $337,445      
15 $241,885 $323,395 $404,905      
16 $290,270 $388,128 $485,985      
SRS Technical Staff Positions

While there is no formal pay structure for Sponsored Research Technical jobs, the FTE minimum salary as of January 2, 2024 for Sponsored Research Technical staff is $50,000. For more information about Sponsored Research appointments, see MIT Policies and Procedures Section 5.2.

If a job was posted a few months ago and remains on the MIT Careers website, is it actually still open?

Yes; if a job is listed on our web site, it is considered open and resumes are still being accepted. Please be aware some jobs take longer to fill than others and may remain open for longer periods of time. If a department has a specific close date in mind, it will be noted in the job description section of the posting.

I saw an MIT job posted someplace else, but it doesn’t appear in the search results on this website. Does it really exist?

If a job is not on the MIT Careers website, either new applications are no longer being accepted or the job has been filled.

Are there other jobs available at MIT besides the ones posted on this site?

The MIT Careers site lists staff positions only. The following positions are hired outside of the Human Resources department:

Faculty positions: Please contact the appropriate academic department directly.

Student employment: Opportunities for current MIT students and alumni are listed through the Student Employment Office and/or the Global Education and Career Development office. Employers who wish to share job openings with students and alumni should contact the Career Advising and Professional Development office.

Internships: Please contact the appropriate department directly.

Temporary staffing agency-advertised positions: See below.

Which temporary staffing agencies does MIT use most?

MIT partners with two agencies: Hollister Associates ( and the Professional Staffing Group (

How can I post a job on this website?

We only post MIT jobs on our Careers website. To share your job opening with MIT students and alumni, please contact the Career Advising and Professional Development office.

MIT Hiring Process

Does MIT conduct background checks?

MIT is committed to providing a safe learning, working, and research environment for the MIT community and to protecting the Institute’s resources. In support of this commitment, MIT requires criminal background checks for all new new faculty and staff, as well as all postdoctoral scholars (associates and fellows) as a condition of hire or appointment. Rehires who have not been employed by MIT for more than one year must also complete a background check before rejoining the Institute. See the full policy in MIT's Employment Policy Manual Section 2.4.3.

Does MIT require Covid-19 vaccination?

MIT strongly recommends that all MIT faculty, staff, enrolled students, affiliates, and visitors follow CDC guidelines for Covid-19 vaccinations.

Are non-U.S. citizens eligible for employment at MIT?

Individuals with permanent residence (green cards) are eligible to work. For more information about the hiring of non-US citizens, please visit the following web sites:

Can I send in my resume without applying for a specific job?

No. To be considered for a position at MIT, you must apply online for a specific job opening. Unsolicited resumes will not be reviewed. You can set up a Job Alert to have new job openings that match your search criteria automatically emailed to you.

Can I email my resume or submit a hard copy rather than applying online?

No. As a federal contractor, we're required to collect certain information for all applicants. To be considered for a position at MIT, you must apply through the online system. If you experience difficulties applying, please see Technical Support below.

If you are a job seeker with a disability and require an accommodation to apply for one of our jobs, please contact us at, and we'd be happy to assist you.

How can I confirm my application was received?

After applying, click on the My Account tab. Under Application Activity, click on View Application Status. If the job you applied for is listed there, your application was received.

When can I expect to hear back from MIT?

When you apply online, you will see a confirmation message that your application materials have been received. We receive resumes from many qualified applicants and the hiring process may take several months. You can check the status of your application at any time by logging in and going to My Account.

What does my application status mean?

Here are the different application statuses you may see:

  • Application Received: your application is in the system and awaiting review

  • Pending: your application is being considered

  • Filled: the job has been filled

  • Cancelled: the job opening no longer exists

  • On Hold: resumes for the job are not actively being reviewed at this time. The two most common reasons for placing a job on hold are

    • because the department wants to review the resumes it has received up to that point, or
    • because they are making an offer, checking references, etc.

Due to MIT's decentralized hiring process and the number of applications, we are unable to provide additional details about your particular situation.

Can I contact the hiring department to find out more about a job?

The hiring departments prefer you not contact them directly unless the hiring manager's contact information is included in the job posting. You are welcome to visit the web site(s) of the department(s) that interest you in order to find out more about the work being done there.

To whom should I address my cover letter?

Cover letters are an important component of the application process at MIT. We encourage you to customize a cover letter for each position. However, it is not necessary to address a cover letter to a specific individual.

Can I add an employee referral to my application?

Yes. The application process gives you the opportunity to enter the name of an employee who is referring you as a candidate.

I am a job seeker with a disability and need assistance to apply for a job. How do I request an accommodation?

If you are a job seeker with a disability and require an accommodation to apply for one of our jobs, please contact us at and we'd be happy to assist you.

MIT Technical Support

What file formats can I use to upload my resume and/or cover letter?

Our system supports uploading PDF, MS Word (DOC/DOCX), Rich Text Format (RTF) and Text (TXT) files.

The preview of my resume looks different than the original document I uploaded. What will the hiring manager actually see?

The hiring manager has the ability to download the original documentation keeping formatting intact, but will first see what you see when you preview your resume. Headers and footers and graphics or text boxes will not appear in the preview. The system converts your resume to HTML to support online viewing, which can cause the spacing and alignment differences you see in preview mode. All hiring managers are aware of this and can download your original resume if they need to.

I uploaded the wrong cover letter or resume by mistake. What do I do?

You can reapply to the same job with the correct cover letter and resume. This will overwrite your original application with your new materials.

The document I uploaded appears blank or the system reports an error when I try to upload my document.

The most likely issue is the presence of text boxes or graphic objects in your document. The system cannot convert this information into searchable text, so you will have to reformat your document to exclude these objects and re-upload it.

How do I create an account on the MIT Careers website?

You can create an account by clicking on My Account in the navigation box.  You will be given the option of creating a new account or signing into an existing account. You can also create an account when you apply for a position.  Once you’ve searched for and found a position you’d like to apply for, click on “apply now” and you will be brought to the same sign-in screen noted above.

I still have a question ...

If you are certain your issue is not addressed in the FAQ above, contact us at