Building Ventilation Validation, Modeling, and Improvements in Response to COVID-19 Team

Innovative Solutions
Award presented by
Vice President for Research Maria Zuber

Our next honoree in the Innovative Solutions category is actually a team of 28 people. They are the core members of the Building Ventilation Validation, Modeling, and Improvements Team that responded to the outsized challenges presented by COVID-19. This team was faced with the Herculean task of surveying, measuring, adjusting, repairing, and reworking the air ventilation systems serving including over 500 air units that serve over 800 classrooms, teaching spaces, and meeting spaces along with over 1,500 bathrooms. MIT's return to campus could not have been accomplished without the tireless dedication of this team. As our understanding of the pandemic evolved, they met with faculty and coworkers to learn and adapt together.

In the words of one grateful colleague, "MIT owes this team an enormous debt of gratitude. The work they have been doing behind the scenes is nothing short of heroic!"

Let's invite this amazing group to the stage:

  • Karen Bowes
  • Walter DaSilva
  • Louis DiBerardinis
  • Jim Doughty
  • Balby Etienne
  • Shawn Ferullo
  • Mike Giambrone
  • Steven Gilligan
  • Nicole Imbergamo 
  • Wayne Johnson
  • Silas Keenan
  • Monica Lee
  • Mike MacDonald
  • John Mannion
  • Jennifer Marshall
  • Daniel Melish
  • Bill Perry
  • Greg Raposa
  • Paul Ricci
  • Francis Selvaggio
  • Anthony Silva
  • Michael Smalley
  • Jennine Talbot
  • Martin Turnbull
  • Joseph Vella
  • Alan Viens
  • Kevin Verrier, and
  • Al Williams