Christina Toro

Executive Director, Office of Individual Giving
Resource Development
Bringing Out the Best
Award presented by
Eric Evans, Director of the MIT Lincoln Laboratory

The final recipient of the Bringing Out the Best Award is Christina Toro, Executive Director of the Office of Individual Giving in Resource Development.

During the MIT Campaign for a Better World, the Office of Individual Giving raised funds for MIT's top priorities—a case study in how a highly motivated staff can perform under pressure.

Chris's colleagues attribute this success to her leadership style. As one person noted, "Chris has always managed our team with compassion and agility—while never sacrificing rigor, diligence, or results. It is this delicate balance that has allowed our team to flourish, exceed our annual goals, and retain a truly amazing staff."

Turning a group of extroverted, high-energy road warriors into a virtual team during the pandemic required thoughtful, creative, and frequent communication. Chris continually kept her team informed, focused, and reassured. She also kept them laughing. Her team meetings grew to be so popular that people from other departments wanted to attend.

Christina, thank you for bringing out the best in your team. Your colleagues—and all of us at MIT—are grateful for all that you do. Congratulations!