Rosa G. Liberman

Rosa G. Liberman

Environmental Health and Safety Coordinator
Department of Brain and Cognitive Sciences (MIBR, PILM, SCSB) and Physics (PLS), School of Science
Serving the Client
Award presented by
Provost Martin Schmidt

2017 MIT Excellence Awards + Collier Medal ceremony

The next honoree in the Serving the Client category goes to Rosa Liberman the Environmental Health & Safety Coordinator for five departments:

  • the Picower Center for Learning and Memory,
  • Brain and Cognitive Sciences,
  • the McGovern Institute for Brain Research,
  • the Simons Center for the Social Brain, AND
  • the Physics of Living Systems group.

Rosa supports more than 100 principal investigators and conducts more than 600 inspections annually for more than 300 lab spaces. She safeguards the research safety practices for hundreds of members of the MIT community. Her training presentation is so effective, it’s been used as a model across the Institute.

One of her colleagues told us:

At MIT, Rosa is well known as a leader in emergency preparedness. She has diligently built a unified community where everyone has taken to heart the credo: emergency preparedness is everyone’s responsibility. In fact, her efforts have strengthened the overall sense of community across Building 46 and beyond. She has a selfless commitment to MIT citizenship that far exceeds the norm.”

Without further ado, let’s congratulate Rosa Liberman on her Excellence Award!