Vienna Rothberg

Prevention Specialist, Violence Prevention and Response
Division of Student Life
Award presented by
Lincoln Laboratory Director, Eric Evans

2017 MIT Excellence Awards + Collier Medal ceremony

Our next honoree is Vienna Rothberg. Vienna is the Peer Education and Prevention Specialist in the Violence, Prevention, and Response Program. In just two years, Vienna has made enormous strides in addressing gender-based violence. She has created a highly successful peer-education program that helps students fully understand issues around consent, communication, personal boundaries, and sexual and relationship violence.

I don’t have to tell you that this is a challenge of dizzying scope and complexity in a community of thousands of students.

According to her colleagues, “Vienna is leading the movement to end sexual assault on campus and promote healthy relationships between peers. She works seamlessly, connecting the priorities of students and staff, facilitates an ever-increasing number of dorm presentations and sexual health clinics, and is working to create a culture that discourages sexual and relationship violence.

Vienna Rothberg is an outstanding example of what it means to lead with your head and your heart.”

On behalf of the MIT community, Vienna, I am honored to present you with your Excellence Award.