David Randall

Associate Dean,Student Support Services

(presented by Maria Zuber, Vice President for Research)

Our next Unsung Hero is Associate Dean for Student Support Services David Randall. The letters in support of his nomination tell of an unsung hero who has helped a stunning number of troubled students work through their issues.

As one colleague said, “I have had a number of students struggling with complicated medical and psychological issues. Whenever I encounter such a student, I immediately reach out to David for his advice.” As the head of Student Support Services and a clinical psychologist, David not only counsels students but also advises MIT administrators on how to handle the most difficult and heart-rending situations.

He is a student advocate, fighting to make sure victims of sexual assault do not have to encounter their attackers. He is an advisor, counseling senior leaders, on how to respond to students following a tragic event. He is a fighter, making sure the needs and concerns of the most vulnerable students are heard. At this year’s MacVicar Fellows Award Ceremony, one student stood up and displayed a picture of David on a giant projected screen and said that David had supported him when he needed it most. And this is not a rare occurrence.”

But for the most part, his remarkable contributions stay primarily under the radar because his work is best done silently. “This is exactly why I am nominating David for the Unsung Hero Award,” another colleague said. “I want to see him recognized for the countless acts he performs every day, evening, and weekend, that result in building a compassionate MIT.”

David Randall, please come up to the podium for your Unsung Hero award!