Anne M. Hunter

Electrical Engineering & Computer Science, School of Engineering
Not just effectively but masterfully, this awardee carries out all regular administrative responsibilities for the Electrical Engineering and Computer Science undergraduate program of 800 to 1000 students; her daily activities alone constitute substantial and noteworthy responsibilities. Yet she goes far beyond being the constant, faithful force that moves the department forward. She offers patient, caring, and passionate advocacy and friendship to students. She listens and looks for ways to smooth their MIT experience. As a result, an overwhelming number of undergraduates rate her the best thing about Course VI.

As advisor for the MIT chapter of the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers, she shows dedication to enabling strong student leadership. She recently established an Associate Advising program. As a result, advisors believe they have rescued some students from overly vigorous schedules and encouraged friendlier, more informal interaction among faculty and students. An innovator and catalyst for meaningful change, Anne Hunter is exceptional in empowering students and her department. Congratulations, Anne, on this MIT Excellence Award for Serving the Client.