MITemps System Transition FAQs

See frequently asked questions about the MITemps system transition from Coupa to VNDLY.

Accessing VNDLY

How do I access VNDLY?

Use VNDLY to request, hire, manage, and approve time for your MITemps temporary staff (associates). Access the VNDLY tool at Your username is your MIT email address. After you enter your email address, you will sign in using Single Sign On (SSO) through MIT Touchstone. MITemps hiring managers do not need a password.

What do I do if I receive an error when I log into VNDLY?

If you are working with an Associate, check the following with them:

  • Are they using the correct browser?  Preferred browsers are Chrome and Safari.
  • Have they gone through the initial process of resetting their password?  Steps:  Go to the VNDLY webpage and select “forgot my password.” They will receive an email from VNDLY to reset their password. Next step is to go through the User Account confirmation page, review the data and then save.  Once saved, they will go to the MIT log in page and proceed to log in.
  • Are they signing in with the right email address?  Suggest that they try both their MIT and their non-MIT email addresses.  (If you suspect this is the issue, the nextSource program team has a list of email addresses that can be checked.)
  • Are they actively on assignment?  If not, the associate won’t be able to sign in until they have an active assignment.

If you are a MIT manager or timesheet approver, check the following trouble-shooting questions:

  • Are you using the correct browser?  Preferred browsers are Chrome and Safari.
  • Managers must first enter their MIT email address (Kerberos) as their username, and then sign on through MIT SSO (single sign on) through MIT Touchstone.
  • Are you a current user (or approver) of MITemps?  If not, you won’t be set up in VNDLY at this time.  If you would like be added to the system, email the nextSource program team at
  • If you are receiving an error message that says, “Application error: a client side exception has occurred (see the browser console for more information),” you just need to complete your profile in VNDLY and then save.  The message will disappear.

Did VNDLY replace the MITemps Request Form?

Yes. You can now enter your MITemps requests directly in VNDLY.

Can I still access Coupa?

No. Coupa has been discontinued. On December 19, MITemps associates began entering their time worked into VNDLY. Monday, December 26 will be the first timesheet approval date for hiring managers.

Approving Time Entries in VNDLY

How are timesheets approved for MITemps associates?

Approvals are conducted in VNDLY or through your email notification link.

Will timesheets be approved automatically?

Timesheet approval responsibility still rests with the timesheet approver. As a best practice, managers should approve timesheets on Mondays to meet the payroll deadline. Timesheet approvers who will be out of the office should establish a delegate if possible.

To ensure the integrity of billing cycles, automatic approval will be engaged on Tuesday mornings for time sheets which were submitted but not approved. This ensures that associates are paid on time and that the payroll deadline is met.

How can I add timesheet approvers?

Managers may modify work orders in VNDLY on their own.

Can a MITemps associate have more than one timesheet approver?

Yes, you can assign multiple timesheet approvers in VNDLY.

If I assign multiple timesheet approvers, does this mean each person needs to approve each timesheet?

No, multiple timesheet approvers are permitted primarily to ensure there’s a backup approver if the primary manager is out of the office. The additional approvers do not need to take any action each week, unless you will be out of the office and have instructed them to approve timesheets.

More About VNDLY

In VNDLY time entry, can we add percentages for multiple cost objects?

The system does not allow for percentages or number of hours allocation; however, associates will be able to assign their hours to multiple cost objects if needed. This will then be visible on their timesheet for approval by their timesheet approver.

In VNDLY, what is the purpose of the financial officer field?

The financial officer field is a reference field for the financial officer or administrative officer name. This is a person to contact as a point of escalation if the cost object/charge code is expired.

Can the budget or cost object be locked unless the financial officer signs off on it?

No. The financial officer field is a reference field only. Its purpose is to serve as a contact for escalation if the cost object/charge code is expired.

Is “pay rate” what the MITemps associate is paid?

Yes. Enter the amount the associate will be paid in the Pay Rate field. 

Can I see all of the assignments held by hiring managers in my area?

Yes, nextSource can help you set up views of multiple assignments/associate information.

About the Transition

Will new MITemps hires complete their onboarding documents through this system as well?

No. The onboarding process is separate from VNDLY and will not change.

How did MITemps associates learn about the new system?

NextSource provided live training webinars to both MITemps hiring managers and their associates. Recordings of the trainings and user guides are available on this site.

Can I see what training/information MITemps associates received?

Yes, we’ve posted their training, FAQs, and user guides on this site.

Why did MIT transition from Coupa to VNDLY?

The new tool has a number of advantages over the prior system:

  • An intuitive, modern user interface that is accessible over multiple devices (including mobile) with little training;
  • The convenience of SSO (single sign-on) through MIT Touchstone;
  • A consolidated technology platform that allows managers to create, submit, and review MITemps assignments in one location;
  • Expired cost objects will no longer be visible to MITemps temporary staff, minimizing the need for adjustments; and
  • The ability to run reports.

NextSource, our MITemps vendor, partnered with us on the transition and provided training and support for MIT hiring managers, timesheet approvers, and temporary staff.

Need Help?

For all questions regarding VNDLY or the MITemps program, please contact the nextSource program team at