Susan Vogt Leadership Fellowship Program

The Susan Vogt Leadership Fellows Program, sponsored by the Boston Consortium for Higher Education, is a management and leadership development program designed to foster collaboration and camaraderie in the next generation of leaders in higher education.

MIT has participated in this program since 2005 and Vogt alumni/ae attest to its value:

"The Susan Vogt Leadership program afforded me the opportunity to learn together with as well as from a select group of peers from area colleges and universities who all faced the same challenges as well as opportunities in higher education. I value my time with the program and still utilize the network I developed during the twelve months of this wonderful learning experience.

—John DiFava, Vogt Leadership Fellow

"I can’t say enough wonderful things about Vogt! The network of Vogt Fellows is an amazing cadre of folks, a warm and welcoming community, and the Vogt Fellowship year provides you with the space and time to reflect on your own career and to effect meaningful change."

—Jill Soucy, Vogt Leadership Fellow

About the Program

The Vogt Fellowship program includes seven workshops, an executive coach, and a change project. Tuition is $2,395; individual departments within MIT pay for the fellowship.

Visit the Boston Consortium's site to view the meeting schedule for the 2020 program and learn more.

How to Apply

Applications for the 2020 program year will be accepted beginning in the winter of 2020.