Affirmative Action and Enriching Diversity

These materials are intended to assist MIT administrators who have Affirmative Action responsibilities in complying with federal regulations as well as going beyond the letter of the law to enrich the diversity of their areas' workforces.

Affirmative Action Planning

The federal government requires that all federal contractors, including MIT, take proactive steps to ensure that women, minorities, veterans, and individuals with disabilities have equal employment opportunities. Every year, MIT must

  • analyze our workforce and employment decisions,
  • plan and carry out actions to address any areas of concern, and
  • assess the effectiveness of our efforts.

Our plans and efforts are subject to audit by the federal government; violations can incur increased oversight, substantial fines, and revocation of government contracts. We take our responsibility to create a diverse workforce seriously.

MIT’s Human Resources department generates reports that help HR leaders in the Schools, College, and Areas (AAP Administrators) carry out these responsibilities and assess their progress.

Learn about the Institute's Affirmative Action policies.


See tools and resources, including a list of Affirmative Action Plan administrators for each area, training slides, and more. (Touchstone login required.)

Enriching Diversity

Human Resources partners from around the Institute have worked together to go beyond mere compliance with Affirmative Action laws and regulations, to enrich the diversity in the Schools, College, and Areas, and in Departments, Labs, and Centers (DLCs). One result of this work is a “one-stop shopping” location for data related to diversity and equal opportunity, called Enriching Diversity. The Enriching Diversity tool, available on Atlas, was designed to integrate Affirmative Action data into workforce decisions, in order to help attract and retain a diverse and talented employee population. The tool serves two main purposes:

  1. to assist School/College/Area Affirmative Action Administrators in interpreting their Affirmative Action reports and in planning and tracking the actions they take to ensure equal employment opportunity; and
  2. to provide diversity data to HR professionals in the School/College/Areas and in the DLCs for use in making data-based employment decisions – particularly regarding the diversity of the applicant pools for open positions.

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