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Kristen Cascio

Program Manager, WorkLife and WellBeing


(617) 324-7778

Sarah Collins

Manager, WorkLife and WellBeing


(617) 253-3953

Nikki Glendye

Program Representative


(617) 324-6597

Kathy Kasabula

Program Manager, MIT Technology Child Care Centers


(617) 253-1592

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Kathy oversees the many services that support MIT’s Technology Childcare Centers (TCC) and works closely with MIT’s child care management vendor, Bright Horizons, to insure that TCC centers are able to meet the needs of the families they serve. Kathy visits all TCC locations regularly and works closely with parents and a host of MIT departments in order to coordinate projects, establish systems, monitor activities, and resolve problems. Kathy also oversees the TCC scholarship program for employees and post doctoral scholars, and is a contributor to many Work-Life Center projects offering support to MIT children and families.

Kathy received her Bachelor’s Degree in Communications from Rhode Island College.  She is an experienced staffing and recruiting professional who also managed a contingency and consultant program for a global staffing company. Kathy also volunteers with Beth Israel’s Parent Connection program as a Mentoring Mom Volunteer.

Maura Rizzuto

Work-Life Program Specialist


(617) 452-2414