Benjamin Nahill

Benjamin Nahill

Associate Staff
Group 53 Secure Resilient Systems and Technologies, Lincoln Laboratory
Outstanding Contributor
Award presented by
Lincoln Laboratory Director, Eric Evans

2017 MIT Excellence Awards + Collier Medal ceremony

The next award for Outstanding Contributor goes to Benjamin Nahill. Ben is a member of the associate staff in the Secure Resilient Systems and Technology Group at Lincoln Laboratory. The colleagues who nominated him for this award underlined the importance of cyber security, and they said that “cyber” is ultimately more secure with Ben on the case.

Again and again, Ben comes to the rescue with a crucial technical solution.” one coworker said. “For him, obstacles are just an opportunity for innovation.” Of the many examples of his resourcefulness – about a year ago, Ben was brought in as a technical lead on an important project. Every step of the way, he encountered serious technical obstacles outside of his control. There were problems with third-party libraries, problems with incompatible standards, with buggy hardware and design tools, Anyone else would have given up. Not Ben! He persisted and found ways around every one of those problems.

And he readily shares knowledge gained. Another colleague said: “Ben’s dedication, inventiveness, and willingness to help colleagues, regardless of his own work load are what make him a superstar engineer on important programs at Lincoln Laboratory. His affable nature and sense of humor make him an absolute pleasure to work with.”

Ben, congratulations on your Excellence Award!