Greg Walton

IT Support Engineer
Information Systems and Technology
Serving the Client
Award presented by
Chancellor Cynthia Barnhart

2017 MIT Excellence Awards + Collier Medal ceremony

Our final award in the Serving the Client category goes to Greg Walton, IT Service Provider and Consumer Support Engineer in IS&T.

We’ve all had that moment. You have a big presentation coming up and PowerPoint crashes and won’t reload. Your laptop blinks ominously, then goes dark. At that moment, there is no person on Earth more important to you than the IT doctor.

Greg Walton has come to the rescue of many people at MIT, and they will not soon forget it. One colleague said, “Greg is simply outstanding. At everything he does. His customer service skills are every bit as good as his technical skills, and his technical skills are very good indeed.”

Another said, “Greg has had a tremendous impact on the running of our department. He introduces us to new tools and technologies that have increased the velocity of our work. Even though he works for IS&T and we cannot claim him as our own, we think of Greg as an active partner and a beloved member of our department.”

And Greg puts the insider department knowledge to good use.  As another nominator noted, “He is really good at knowing when and when NOT to do things.  For example, if we are pushing to get some proposals done, he’ll let upgrades go so as not to disturb things and come back and do it later.  I’ve worked with lots of IT people, and Greg is the best.”

Greg, we are honored to present you with this MIT Excellence Award.