Stuart Levine

Director, MIT BioMicro Center
Department of Biology, School of Science
Award presented by
Lincoln Laboratory Director, Eric Evans

2017 MIT Excellence Awards + Collier Medal ceremony
Our next Outstanding Contributor is the director of the MIT BioMicro Center in the Department of Biology. His name is Stuart Levine and his colleagues relate one powerful story after another of his support to the research communities at MIT and across New England.

The BMC facility provides next-generation sequencing and bioinformatics support services used by the MIT community, and beyond. Over the last ten years, DNA sequencing has become a rapidly evolving technology to the science community. The BMC consistently produces top notch sequencing data under Stuart’s leadership at low costs to users and with rapid turnaround. This alone, would warrant an award.  But it is Stuart’s insight, knowledge and trouble-shooting capacity, that makes him unquestionably ‘Outstanding’. 

As one nominator noted, “What makes Stuart’s leadership of the BMC truly invaluable to the MIT community is his unwavering dedication to producing high quality data and his steadfast persistence in tackling any type of troubleshooting needed for a project. These attributes, fostered by Stuart, permeate the entire culture of the BMC.”

The success of the BioMicro Center is because of Stuart’s superb technical prowess, wise and thoughtful judgment about priorities and opportunities, and devotion to helping everyone reach their aspirations to the fullest extent.”

Stuart, we’re honored to present you with this MIT Excellence Award.