Katherine Barlett

Senior Program Manager, Community Wellness
MIT Medical/Lincoln Laboratory
Award presented by
Vice President for Human Resources, Lorraine A. Goffe

2017 MIT Excellence Awards + Collier Medal ceremony
Our next honoree in the Outstanding Contributor category is also from Lincoln Laboratory. She is a health and wellness program manager for MIT Medical and her name is Katherine Barlett.  Katherine is committed to the health and wellbeing of her colleagues at Lincoln Laboratory, setting up programs to meet their broad and ever-evolving needs. While that may seem straightforward, as one nominator noted:

Because of their work in either highly stressful or potentially hazardous environments, Lincoln Laboratory’s technical staff can have health/wellness needs that are different from those of other employees, and her programs help develop a better relationship between human resources services and the technical staff.  She has planned a comprehensive strategic health and wellness plan based on the varied divisional needs within Lincoln Laboratory.”

Katherine’s colleagues applaud her amazing energy and responsiveness to their needs. And she does it with the insider knowledge that comes from building and connecting to the Laboratory community.

One coworker wrote, “Our community is now wiser and more fit; we’re managing our weight and our stress, and we’re enjoying every single moment of it. All thanks to Katherine!”

Katherine, congratulations on your Excellence Award!