Aida Riley

Project Technician
Group 72 Fabrication Engineering, Lincoln Laboratory
Outstanding Contributor

2017 MIT Excellence Awards + Collier Medal ceremony

Our next honoree is also from Lincoln Laboratory. Her name is Aida Riley, and she is a Project Technician working in Fabrication Engineering.  Aida’s colleagues clearly admire her—both for her remarkable technical skills and for who she is as a person. Dealing with a serious illness, her colleagues say she never let that get in the way of her dedication to her work—or to her coworkers.

 “Aida Riley is the very definition of an Outstanding Contributor,” one of her nominators wrote. “Not only does she always come to the rescue, knowing just the right tool, next step, or person to call. She also knows just how to calm nerves in a crisis and help people focus on the core issues.”

Another colleague shared this:

Aida has had a powerful impact on my life and helped me to be a better engineer. She’s a selfless, dedicated scientist who has brought substantial value to our community. And she embodies MIT’s spirit of technical innovation—always trying to better serve the world we live in.”

Aida was not able to be here today, so her supervisor, Steve O’Brien is accepting the award in her place.