Raoul O. Ouedraogo

Technical Staff
Group 92 Advanced Sensors and Techniques, Lincoln Laboratory
Bringing Out the Best
Award presented by
Executive Vice President + Treasurer, Israel Ruiz

2017 MIT Excellence Awards + Collier Medal ceremony

Our next recipient is a member of the technical staff at MIT Lincoln Laboratory. His name is Raoul Ouedraogo. According to his colleagues, Raoul has had extraordinary impact at Lincoln Laboratory when it comes to mentoring, diversity, inclusion, K-12 outreach, recruiting, and new program development. All in addition to his work as a world-class investigator and researcher.

At the same time, his coworkers say, Raoul has invited employees at all levels to participate in his innovative programs. As a result, the impact of those programs is spreading exponentially. More than 100 interns participated in his Innovative Idea Challenge, a landmark program that has changed the culture of Lincoln Laboratory—and made clear to the world just how innovative a national lab can be. His leadership of the Lincoln Employees African American Network, has been outstanding and his sheer dedication has drawn others to participate.

His colleagues say, “Raoul is a tireless mentor who empowers people to do their very best work—and through his passion and example, he inspires his coworkers to do the same.”

Raoul, we are honored to present you with the Excellence award for Bringing Out the Best.