Alexia Schulz

Technical Staff
Group 51 Cyber Systems and Operations, Lincoln Laboratory
Bringing Out the Best
Award presented by
Executive Vice President + Treasurer Israel Ruiz

2017 MIT Excellence Awards + Collier Medal ceremony

The final Bringing Out the Best award for 2017 goes to Alexia Schulz. Alexia is a member of the technical staff in the Cyber Systems and Operations Group at Lincoln Laboratory.

Colleague after colleague tell of the impact Alexia has had on their careers, on their lives, and on the workplace culture as a whole. As one coworker shared, “Alexia has greatly helped me…

  • find work-life balance,
  • figure out my priorities,
  • take charge of my professional development, AND
  • summon the courage to voice my ideas.”

Another said, “Alexia cares deeply about her teammates. She makes every effort to find projects that will help each person thrive and grow their careers. Alexia makes sure that everyone is allowed to shine.”

Yet another of her colleagues said, “The addition of Alexia to any team makes that team better. Her enthusiasm for furthering research and generating new ideas is contagious. She leads with passion, vision, and purpose.”

Alexia, congratulations on your Excellence Award!