Monica Marie Orta

Assistant Director, Diversity + Student Support, Program in Media Arts + Sciences
School of Architecture + Planning
Advancing Inclusion + Global Perspectives
Award presented by
Executive Vice President + Treasurer, Israel Ruiz

2017 MIT Excellence Awards + Collier Medal ceremony

Our next award for Advancing Inclusion goes to the Assistant Director for Diversity and Student Support at the Media Lab. Her name is Monica Orta, and those who nominated her for this award say she is one of the most passionate and inspiring people they have ever met.

Monica channels that passion into her tireless work supporting students and promoting diversity. She has…

  • opened multiple channels for students to share issues,
  • conducted surveys,
  • arranged group lunches,
  • convened Town Hall meetings, 
  • organized a major conference.

Why? To build a thriving network, promote community, and give students a voice.

Monica has worked hard to increase diversity at the Media Lab. As a result of her recruitment efforts, the admission rate for women and underrepresented minority students has increased significantly.

One student wrote, “Through creative programming, events, and volunteer opportunities, Monica has expanded how we think about our work, our roles within the department, and our careers. Her impact influences our lives positively every single day.”

Monica, congratulations on your Excellence Award!