Lianne P. Shields

Human Resources Officer/Facilities Human Resources Manager
Human Resources
Award presented by
Executive Vice President + Treasurer, Israel Ruiz

2017 MIT Excellence Awards + Collier Medal ceremony

The final award for Advancing Inclusion goes to Lianne Shields, Facilities HR Manager and HR Officer.

Every organization at MIT has a distinct culture—every individual, a distinct perspective. Lianne brings that core understanding to every discussion. Her colleagues say she’s invaluable for creating new opportunities for advancing inclusion and global perspectives, whether that is through one-on-one mentoring, trainings for hundreds of staff members, or working with outside organizations for the betterment of staff.  Lianne’s role has taken her from newly designed sessions to identify issues of disrespect and incivility that can undermine MIT's commitment to an inclusive environment, to day-long workshops to help MIT staff with green cards become US citizens.

Many of Lianne’s MIT colleagues wrote passionately in support of her nomination for this award.  To quote just a few:

“Lianne is someone who could mediate anything because she's fair and keeps her biases to herself.”  

“Even if you come to her with a different point of view, you feel heard.”

“I am a much better leader of my group because of Lianne.”

“She has the perseverance to dig deeper and to consider the impact on everyone involved.”

“Lianne sees the impact communications can have on employee engagement and inclusion -- and she sees the HR role as being critical to making sure communications is front and center.”

Let’s congratulate Lianne on her Excellence Award!