Tiffany Horgan

Health Fitness Service Representative
DAPER, Division of Student Life
Award presented by
Maria Zuber, Vice President for Research

The first Excellence Award for Serving the Client illustrates the rich diversity of excellence at MIT. It is that remarkable diversity of contributions that makes this such a vibrant community. Tiffany Horgan is a DAPER instructor at the Lincoln Laboratory Fitness Center at Annex V. She teaches a variety of classes that are invariably packed and serves as a personal trainer to all who join the center.

Tiffany is a dedicated, sensitive, and highly productive coach. She is always aware of the physical conditions of the individuals in the class and offers intelligent modifications for every exercise. And she spends considerable time researching new techniques and solutions for individual needs.

As one of her students said, “Tiffany is everything you want and need in a teacher. She crafts each class with enthusiasm, dedication, patience, and enjoyment. She instills confidence in her students, and they, in turn, become more diligent, healthier, and happier. I’m finally feeling good in my own skin again. Joining this fitness center and working with Tiffany has completely changed my life, mentally and physically.”

Congratulations to Tiffany Horgan, on her Serving the Client award.