MIT Medical Website Redesign Team

MIT Medical, IS+T
Serving the Client
Award presented by
Maria Zuber, Vice President for Research

Our next Serving the Client honorees are members of a team from MIT Medical and IS+T, who have had a significant impact on the health of our community. I’m talking about the five-member MIT Medical Website Redesign Team.

The team set out to create a website that every member of the MIT community would feel belonged to them—undergraduates, grad students, parents, members of the community living internationally, new employees, retiring employees, and everyone in between. They interviewed the client groups exhaustively until they felt they fully understood and could address their challenges and concerns with a highly engaging and personal website.

The proof of the success is in the traffic. Since launch, the number of pages viewed per session on the site has risen, and the time each visitor spends on the site is up.  

The MIT Medical Website is a co-winner of the Best Overall internet site for a medical practice, and is now used as a model for client-based sites across MIT and beyond. Congratulations to:

Ken Gagne, (formerly) Web Producer, MIT Medical
Elizabeth McManus Hemrajani, Project Manager, Information Systems + Technology
Rosie Huntress, Executive Program Administrator, MIT Medical
Lauren Lee, Graphic Design Specialist, MIT Medical
Kim Schive, Marketing and Communications Specialist, MIT Medical