Jessica Van

EHS-MS Coordinator Liaison
Environment Health + Safety Office
Serving the Client
Award presented by
Israel Ruiz, Executive Vice President and Treasurer

The final award in the Serving the Client category—our final Excellence Award of 2016—goes to Jessica Van. Jessica has one of the longest titles I’ve seen at MIT. She is the Environmental Health and Safety Management System Coordinator Liaison. It actually makes sense that her title is long because she does so much. Her colleagues say that she is the linchpin of EHS. Most daily activity at EHS revolves around her because of the depth of her collaborative spirit and her capabilities. Jessica supports 54 EHS coordinators in 62 departments, labs, and centers. She handles training issues and hazard updates, supports the inspection program and chemical inventory, coordinates key meetings and events, and manages a dizzying array of other essential tasks.

Many EHS coordinators have said that without Jessica they could not function. Her compassion for each employee and her desire for the success of the EHS mission drives everything she does. As one of her colleagues shared, “Jessica’s consistent and effective service is a key component of ensuring a safe working environment for everyone at MIT.”

Congratulations on your Serving the Client award, Jessica Van!