Sean Gilbert

Managing Director
MISTI-China, Singapore, Australia and New Zealand
Award presented by
Eric Evans, Director of Lincoln Laboratory

I’d like to introduce you to an Outstanding Contributor with notable global reach. Managing Director of the MISTI-China Program, Sean Gilbert has spent the last 15 years tirelessly devoted to one mission—creating meaningful links between MIT and China. His work has transformed countless lives, from the hundreds of MIT students who have discovered China through the MIT-China internship program, to the many faculty who have pursued new avenues of research with China that would not otherwise have been possible. Members of the MIT community understand China in a new way because of the many connections to Chinese culture, research, and industry that Sean has established. And he seizes every possible chance to create new opportunities, partnerships, and programs here and in China.

One nominator writes, “He is equally at ease showing distinguished Chinese visitors around campus and negotiating partnerships, as he is in a MISTI t-shirt handing out flyers in the Infinite Corridor.”

For these and so many other accomplishments and acts of collaboration, invention, and diplomacy, Sean Gilbert is indeed an outstanding contributor. Congratulations!