Joshua Manore

Assistant Staff
Group 108 Tactical Defense Systems, Lincoln Laboratory
Award presented by
Eric Evans, Director of Lincoln Laboratory

The next Outstanding Contributor we are recognizing today is Joshua Manore. On paper, Josh develops electronics and software for Lincoln Laboratory’s micro-scale embedded systems, but he’s proven to be immensely valuable to a much broader range of Laboratory activities. “We often—only half-jokingly—refer to Josh as four people for resource planning,” one of his colleagues noted.

Another nominator writes, “Most fitting for the Outstanding Contributor award is Josh’s propensity for uncovering, diagnosing and solving problems before anyone else is even aware of their existence; constantly adding capability in anticipation of future requirements.  He’s been responsible, many times, for saving his programs from failure through his forward thinking and preparedness”.

He has always approached his job with a can-do attitude, and his ability to engineer complex systems is notable. Josh, his colleagues say, has never shown the slightest inclination for recognition for everything he does, so they were eager to see him recognized with this award. 

Congratulations, Josh on being an Outstanding Contributor!