Joshua Gonzalez

Residential Life Area Director, Simmons Hall
Division of Student Life
Award presented by
Eric Evans, Director of Lincoln Laboratory

Another Outstanding Contributor we’re recognizing today is Joshua Gonzalez.  Josh is the Residential Life Area Director for “the Sponge”—otherwise known as Simmons Hall, a residential community of more than 300 undergraduates—undergraduates who have enthusiastically supported Josh’s nomination for an Excellence Award. Here’s why.

One student wrote. “Josh does an incredible job of integrating himself into all aspects of the house. He eats breakfast and dinner with students, rotating who he sits with, making a point to meet with quieter, less extroverted people. He has come to understand the opinions and voices of all the residents—including those who would not be comfortable sharing their opinions publicly. Josh truly makes each of us feel that someone cares and is looking out for us. No matter how small the need or how late the hour, he’s there for us.”

Josh’s job includes a broad range of responsibilities, from mediating conflicts between individuals and groups within the dorm, to assisting with logistics for student events large and small. But its Josh’s approach and accessibility that makes him stand out. As one student noted, “I have the feeling that he will drop everything for me at any time, but he does that for everyone all the time.”

Every day, his colleagues say, Josh strengthens the MIT community through an infinite variety of outstanding contributions and is a role model to students and colleagues alike.  Josh, congratulations on your Outstanding Contributor award!