Chameé Cross

Group Administrator
Kwajalein Field Site, Lincoln Laboratory
Outstanding Contributor
Award presented by
Eric Evans, Director of Lincoln Laboratory

The Outstanding Contributor awards recognize the unsung heroes of the community who continually work without fanfare, fill in wherever needed, and take the initiative to solve problems. The work environments of each of the people we’re recognizing today are better, happier, and more productive because of their efforts.

Our first Outstanding Contributor is a perfect example. I don’t know how far you had to drive to get here today, but this honoree had to cross the International Date Line. Her name is Chamee Cross and she supports the MIT Lincoln Laboratory field site on a remote island in the Pacific. Actually, remote doesn’t begin to describe the Kwajalein Atoll—1,200 people live and work on this tiny dot of land in the Marshall Islands, including a team of 15 Lincoln Laboratory staff.

Chamee plays a critical role on Kwaj. She juggles all security, administration, and liaison tasks, as well as every other administrative detail that contributes to the success of the team there, freeing them up to perform their technical responsibilities. Need a helicopter to another island? Lodging for visitors? Complex security clearances? She works directly with high-level government officials, commanding Army officers, VIP visitors, government contractors, island natives, staff in Lexington, Huntsville, Alabama, and Kwaj, as well as the families of Lincoln Laboratory staff.

Chamee’s colleagues say her skill, knowledge, and experience are endless. They think she reads minds, so adept is she at anticipating everyone’s needs. In fact, they like to say that Chamee is absolutely Cha-mazing! Today, we are delighted to recognize Chamee Cross for her outstanding contributions to MIT. Congratulations on your Outstanding Contributor award!