Amy Shea Slattery

Administrative Assistant II
Gordon Engineering Leadership Program, School of Engineering
Award presented by
Lorraine A. Goffe-Rush, Vice President for Human Resources

The final award in the Outstanding Contributor category goes to Amy Shea Slattery. An administrative assistant in the Gordon Engineering Leadership Program, she is one of those remarkable people who is always poised to fill a gap—and fills it brilliantly. Her job responsibilities are already demanding, but when the program was severely short of staff, she stepped in and took on many duties well beyond her job description.

If I were to describe everything Amy has handled over the past year, we’d be here well into the night. But I will share a few highlights:  

  • As the program’s only administrative support, Amy divides her time among eight staff members all working under tight deadlines.
  • She’s the Program’s registrar, working closely with instructors to track students’ grades, arrange for classroom space, and coordinate the entire admissions process.
  • She leads many of the program’s outreach efforts and helped co-host an engineering leadership conference with Northeastern.
  • On top of all that, Amy makes students feel welcome on campus, sometimes inviting lonely students stuck on campus during the holidays to her own family celebrations.

And with great results. As the nominator notes, “The impact Amy leaves on students is undeniably meaningful, as the relationships formed have lasted well after students walk across the stage during Commencement.” Amy is the embodiment of the MIT spirit. Congratulations on being an Outstanding Contributor, Amy!